Garena Free Fire Max Apk Download Latest Version Nov 2022 For Android

Garena Free Fire Max Apk Download Latest Version 2022 game is much similar to battlegrounds mobile India. ff Max gaming views are all similar compared to other battle Royal games. The game starts with the players landing from the plane through a parachute.

Then when they are down on the land they need to look for specific weapons and medicine. Until they are in the safe zone it is said to be they are safe. When they cross over the force field they are said to be out of the zone. They need to kill their enemies and rank at the top of the match.

You all know that Free Fire is the one gaming application that is being used by many people nowadays. It is from Garena Free Fire and it is more famous now. It has become more and more popular nowadays because of the ban on former Indian games similar to this.

Free Fire Max multiplayer game involves weapons, loot, crates, and many more. These are all the in-game features that can be earned by gaming or purchased externally.

Controls are very simple in the Free Fire Game Application. Left side you will find a virtual d-pad in order to control our character. Therefore, on the right side of your screen, you will find buttons to shoot, crawl and sit and sleep.

And also you will find the crate loot button also and many more buttons can be found on your screen to customize your Home Screen. In the top right of your screen, you will find the inventory option where you will select the weapon that you want to play with in the battleground.

Download Garena Free Fire Max

Garena Free Fire Max is one of the most interesting and animated games that has been released recently. The animations and graphics are said to be more impressive due to time to Time updates. The free fire game has a redeem code consisting of 12 digits which involves numbers and capital letters.

It is developed by 111dots studio. The official website of free fire has its coupon code inside it and can also the players can avail of the coupon code in it to play the game instead.

Free Fire Diamond is a game that offers a battleground experience for the users who have downloaded it. It is said to be very fun and exotic to play and it is similar to many other games in the play store.

But this ranked on the top which is considered the fast-growing gaming application in this generation. So anyone can play this game easily on any device without any restrictions.

Free Fire New Version Download 2022

Codashop Free Fire is the one that allows and releases time-to-time updates to update the inventories and many more features in it. It releases updates every 2 months and it is said to be easy for everyone to use DJ Alok application.

The new update is scheduled for the 22nd of September which is this year itself. It is the OB36 update related to the free fire game. So it is confirmed that Free Fire Video gaming application gets time-to-time updates easily.

What is Garena Free Fire Max?

DG Top UP FF is an action-based shooting game from which the players can adopt an account to play and the players who have already a ready account that has been made before for them it easy to access their account’s dashboard and also customize it in their FFM lobby. The players of PUBG and call of duty mobile will surely love this game.

Dunia Games FF game has similar topics and the same base of gaming weapons similar to PUBG and call of duty mobile. Free fire is the original game that has been released from Garena this Free Fire Free Diamond is another alternative to the Dunia Game FF application. So the free fire max lets you get more attracted towards it as you go on using it.

Significant Differences From Original

Many people think that it is tough to get into a new platform as you are very interconnected to the Free Fire Free Fire game and cannot get into this another version of Game Free Fire game leaving out past experiences.

No worries about this issue because this Free Fire Online is the extended play of the game. It is now improved and very animated with a lot more exciting graphics and different maps. The same experience you will get but with a different battle Royal gaming experience.

Latest Features For Garena Free Fire Max Apk Download

Weapon Types

The weapon types are very different. So many weapons you can choose from and very important is that there are significant weapons to choose from. So there are rifles, pistols, sniping rifles, machine guns, and many more weapons.

So Garena FF game involves many other features and weapons that can be only obtained through a special kind of performance. So it can also be purchased from the weapon store.

The Game Map

The map on your screen will enable you to know where the enemy fires and the route to get yourself into the safe zone. The circle pops up every time on your map. You can also mark your location and other locations by just tapping on it.

The circle indicates that it is the safe zone and being outside of it is the worst way to die in a simple and easy way.

Battle Royale Mode

So Free Fire 2 mode is the main match mode. Where 50 players get into the match-making mode and then the real match starts. The players are dropped from a plane and then made to land in any area on the map.

They need to loot for their weapons and grenades to destroy enemies. And also need to loot many medicines to heal themselves and come on top of the list to win the match.

Graphics Optimization

The graphics are more enjoyable now compared to the before phase of the game. The graphics are now very attractive and the elements of animations that are used are very good-looking and more exciting for the users.

Clash Squad Mode

Dunia Games Top UP FF mode is another mode in this game. It is a play of two squads each consisting of 4 members. Both the squad have to compete with each other and then eliminate all the players in a team to win that round.

ffreward mode involves the selection of our desired weapons and much more. The mode consists of a number of rounds and the team which wins the most rounds is considered the winning team.


To change the graphics to the highest resolutions and much more like changing the fps of it and applying many more filters you need to have a high specs android device usually to do it.


You will find all the settings related to the sound in your settings field of the Diamond Free Fire game. So you can also change your fx audio settings into another format and also can customize your background music. Or else you can pause your music running in your game easily.

Control Buttons

The control buttons are customized as per the player’s desired way. The shooting and battle royal mode controls can be customized and made in the desired way of the player’s needs. So it is a handy feature of Garena.

Character and Skin customization

In this Free Fire Game Online, you can also choose your favorite character, and also skin color can also be changed as you like.

So you can get different characters from the way you play which impresses the people or else you can purchase it with diamonds or money. So this field is totally different field compared to other parts of Free Fire Online Play game’s fields.

File Size

Garena Free Fire Live has a 500MB of download size whereas the Garena free fire max has a size of 1.5GB to get it downloaded. Because the graphics and other attributes matter.

Enhanced Draw Distance

you will be able to see the players from a long distance because of its viewing part of animations of the program that has been there in it. Unless you are a camper you are not found on the map.

Resource Usage

because of the game updates, you need more storage when you keep on updating the game. More storage is required to install new updates.

Gb WhatsApp Apk Download

App Name Garena Free Fire Max
Supported with Android version 4.0 and Above
Version v2.93.1
App size 60 Mbps
Latest Update Today
Monthly searches 10 Million Above

Download v2.93.1

Download Apk

Garena Free Fire MAX features

  • The upgraded and updated game from the Free Fire Free Diamond Link format. The extended version we can say.
  • Improved graphics and much more content. Weapons are more animated with the moment style.
  • Competition against your enemies who are the online players from your opposite side.
  • The new and much more fun way battle Royal survives the gaming experience.
  • Clash code gaming mode which enables play with 4 players in each squad.
  • Characters with new updates and new faces.
  • Extended versions of weapons and new weapon mastery in your inventory.
  • Customization of the control buttons of your game mode in either battle Royal mode or any other mode. You can set up your desire to make your control buttons as you want.

Frequent questions

What is the size of Free Fire – Battlegrounds APK?

The Garena Free Fire Game application size will vary from around the size of 350 to 700MB normally. The official Ajjubhai94 is 700 MB but recently it has been reduced to 350MB to make a better downloading process and fast installing Method. It usually depends on the version of the game. So now the game is easier and faster to install it.

Can Free Fire – Battlegrounds be played on PC?

Yes. Free Fire Garena game can be played on the PC’s easily using an emulator. It is similar to playing the Alok Free Fire game on your pc just like you play battlegrounds mobile India using an emulator.

FF Garena is a normal gameloop application designed for Mobile gaming. But using an emulator this can be played on a pc also.

Is Free Fire – Battlegrounds free?

Yes, Free Diamond Free Fire is an absolutely free game that can be downloaded and played. Installing is free just needs some data to do it.

But the inside-game customization needs some purchases if you want to do so and also you can use the diamonds to purchase any characters or features that you need.

What is Free Fire – Battlegrounds in Spanish?

Booyah Free Fire is a third-party battleground Royal game. FF Official has the third-person perspective view gaming and the game involves looting guns and killing enemies that are found also be in the circle where you are considered safe and remain until the last enemy is killed and that’s it you are the winner.

What happens in Free Fire – Battlegrounds?

ffh4x – battleground is a mode where you will find each round of 30 minutes of play. You need to clear all the opponents and win the match by coming on top.

Your eyes may get stressed off playing Free Fire Play Online game continuously so we recommend you play it in a limited amount of time and have fun.

How can I play Free Fire – Battlegrounds without downloading it?

it is not possible actually to play a Free Fire Official game without downloading it. But you can go to the play store and search for a Free Fire Game on Windows game and then you can click on a try for the free option and play a trial of this game.

How can I download Free Fire on my computer?

You can download the Games Like Free Fire battleground from Uptodown. And also you can find the Apk from it and run it by using an emulator. There is also a gameloop version of this in uptown where you can also play it in the format of an emulator easily.

Where can I redeem Free Fire – Battlegrounds codes?

To redeem the rewardff you need to go to its official website and then you can add your redemption code to avail it easily.

How can I create codes for Free Fire – Battlegrounds?

It is not possible that the players can create a code for free-fire battlegrounds. Only if you are a Garena employee you can create codes for your game. If you are an influencer or a game developer you can create codes for free-fire battlegrounds.

What is a Free Fire – Battlegrounds promotional code?

Promotional codes are the ones that the Free Fire Apkpure players find on the occasion of any holidays or any festival season. It is designed by the Garena for the players to get special skins and many more loots from the drop box. It is a kind of promotion that the player gets depending upon their skills and game.

How can I get free diamonds in Free Fire – Battlegrounds?

in order to get Free Fire Uptodown diamonds to purchase anything you need to complete certain missions, redeem codes, and get some gifts from your friends. This way you can get free diamonds easily in your account.


So Garena Free Fire Max Apk Download Latest Version 2022 is an updated version of the free fire battlegrounds game. firefire game is now open for free registration on the official play store application. You can Go and register for an amazing gaming experience.

It is said that it will resume from a certain date and the official news is that it will be released on the 28th of September which is a piece of official news from Garena.

The most awaited game is now available in the play store you can go and check out the game and get it downloaded easily. wait for the time-to-time updates and enjoy the fun involved in the game and let your experience come into practice in this game.

So enjoy the game with its beautifully involved graphics and animation. New features are included and also this game is available for iOS users also. Garena Free Fire Video is a global game that is found around the world in all their play store account. So get this game installed and have more and more fun.