Multiple Marvel Mobile Games Have Updated with New Characters and More

Ah, the autumn season. The air is a little crisper, the leaves are turning, and the summer movie season is all wrapped up. The many free-to-play mobile games based on Marvel’s properties have a tendency to jump from one MCU-based event to the next, but in quiet times like these, it’s interesting to see what the developers of the games come up with when there’s no film to lean on. Heck, three of them just added some new stuff today. Let’s check in and see what’s going on, shall we?

MARVEL Avengers Academy, Free

Avengers Academy is actually doing something based on the school part of the premise again? Excuse me, I need to sit down for a second. The shock is just… too much. Wait, Hydra attacked and took over some Ultron-bots and school is canceled in favor of punching bad guys? Now there’s the Avengers Academy I know and can’t seem to quit. After an absolutely horrible Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. event, this little two-week palate cleanser gives you the chance to get Devil Dinosaur, Crimson Dynamo, Thor, Nadia Van Dyne, and others. Nadia is particularly hard to recruit, but hey, that’s where we’re at with this app these days.

MARVEL Contest of Champions, Free

Contest of Champions is running an X-Men-themed event right now, and the newest playable character to join the roster was revealed yesterday: Omega Red. This deadly X-Men villain had a memorable turn in Capcom’s earlier Marvel fighting games, so it’s good to see him back in action in the service of a different publisher’s fighter, causing trouble once more. Make sure you check out the other X-Men stuff going on in the app while you’re in the neighborhood, too.

MARVEL Future Fight, Free

When in doubt, do an X-Men event. That’s the common business logic when it comes to Marvel. But if you’re tired of those, why not check out what’s going on in the comics right now? Marvel Future Fight has done just that, and it has come out of it with some genuine gold. The Marvel Infinity Warps comic event kicked off this month, and four of its mashed-up heroes are joining the Future Fight.  Weapon Hex, Arachknight, Iron Hammer, and Ghost Panther are ready to do battle, if you’re able to earn them. Big if, probably. There are also some new costumes for existing characters, like the Anti-Venom suit for Agent Venom.

MARVEL Strike Force, Free

The newest kid on the Marvel mobile block actually kicked off its new event last week. But I’m rounding up Marvel stuff this week, so there’s not much we can do about that. Anyway, Strike Force is doing… wait for it… an X-Men event! Specifically, the Eye of the Storm event sees one of the most famous X-Men members in history joining the fray. Storm is here, and she’s ready to do her thing. Also in this update: Thanos Raids are back! The Star-Lord Legendary event makes a return! And still no Forbush Man! What’s up with that!?

MARVEL Puzzle Quest, Free

This update is also from last week, but when I say I’m rounding things up, I mean it. It’s not really an event, as far as I can tell, but Dazzler has been added to Marvel Puzzle Quest. Ha, I still can’t believe anyone thought she was a good idea back in the day. Oh well, at least it allowed her to become ironically cool, something Shatterstar will probably never be. This update also rebalanced some stuff, but who cares about that when you have Dazzler? Who is, I’ll remind you, an X-Men character.

I also peeked in on Spider-Man Unlimited, but it’s been a few weeks since that game got any updates, so it can sit on the sidelines for now. Seriously, you’d think they’d have done something with that new PlayStation 4 game out and selling like mad. Well, what can you do? At least there’s plenty to do in the other Marvel apps right now, and it’s even kind of diverse since they’re not all hanging off of the same movie or anything at the moment. Until next time, True Believers!