‘Arena of Valor’ News: Nintendo Switch Concerns, Reddit AMA, And Technoblade Cosplays

With Y’bneth arriving on mobile last week, the final week of September has been all about Arena of Valor Nintendo Switch Edition. The Nintendo Switch is still a platform we actively cover here at TouchArcade, so expect this week’s Arena of Valor roundup to focus on the good, bad, and the ugly sides of the newly released Nintendo Switch MOBA title. But not necessarily in that order!
Arena of Valor Nintendo Switch Edition Launches

Arena of Valor Nintendo Switch Edition finally launched this week, on Tuesday to be exact, after just over a year since the game’s initial reveal. We can’t exactly pull up download numbers just yet, but through comments made to various official posts, announcements, and message boards, we’re expecting it to get off to a pretty good start on Nintendo’s hybrid console.
With around 37-39 heroes to choose from on day one, there’s still a copious amount of other heroes yet to make it into the game. Whether or not we’ll see Tencent release a hero every other week like the mobile version is anyone’s guess, be we’re anticipating a development roadmap to clear things up real soon. We’ll touch on that a bit further into this week’s Arena of Valor roundup.
Picking up Arena of Valor Nintendo Switch Edition is as simple as downloading the game through the Nintendo eShop on your Switch console. It’s a F2P title with character and buff unlocks gated behind various in-game currencies just like the mobile version – some premium, some not.
You won’t even need an active Nintendo Switch Online subscription to play online, so don’t worry about that quirky cloud save system deleting your potentially paid-for progress if you vanish for a little while.
Credibility System Turned Off Among Reports of Game Crashes
Now the less exciting Arena of Valor Nintendo Switch Edition news comes in.
Following on from the release earlier in the week, Tencent has received enough reports of app crashes and network issues to temporarily revoke the Credibility system used to punish AFK players and mid-match leavers.
The system has been in place on the mobile version since the beginning, deducing points from problematic players in a bit to slowly limit their in-game matchmaking options until they improve their behavior.
The system doesn’t know whether a leaver genuinely rage quits or not, though, meaning players can very easily be punished if the game crashes, their phone randomly reboots, or even if their house sets on fire and they need to back out of a match. Things happen, and in the case of Arena of Valor Nintendo Switch edition, players were being punished when the game crashed on their system.
As a temporary measure, Tencent has turned off the Credibility system while it looks into the cause of the reported performance hitches. There’s no estimated fix for the issues just yet, but expect the system to be switched back on once it deems the game stable enough to carry on.
For now, that means you can simply ignore any in-game punishment and warning mail if your game crashes mid-match as your Credibility score won’t be touched. This only applies to the Nintendo Switch version of the game, so don’t think you’re free to troll the mobile version as some kind of middle finger.
Arena of Valor Nintendo Switch Edition Reddit AMA Inbound

Shortly before it was announced that the Credibility system was being temporarily switched off, the official Arena of Valor accounts put out a notice that a Reddit AMA was planned for Friday afternoon. That’s today!
Set to kick off at 5:00 p.m PT, players are encouraged to click on over to the official Arena of Valor subreddit to voice their questions and concerns about the Nintendo Switch version of the game. The development and community teams have staged a few Q&A sessions over the last year or so, but this will be the first directly related to the Arena of Valor Nintendo Switch Edition since its launch earlier this week.
With the team clearly already aware of the game crash and network lag issues, expect most questions to focus on in-game FPS, hero release schedules, and overall plans for updates along the way.
There’s never any guarantee that your question will be answered, but you can get involved by hitting up the official AMA thread within the Arena of Valor subreddit at around 5:00 p.m. PT and sliding your question into the comment section. European players looking to get their voices heard will be in for a long night.
VickyBunnyAngel Shares Her Stage-2 Cosplay Report

With Twitter and in-game polls having come to a close, professional cosplayer VickyBunnyAngel revealed the winning choice to be Technoblade Butterfly!
Over the course of Valor Series 2, VickyBunnyAngel will craft the complicated cosplay and unless she’s excited to stretch those creative muscles, will likely be left wishing she could have just stuck with the default Mina idea.
In the second episode of the series, VickyBunnyAngel theorizes the cosplay in question and slowly reveals the intricate complexities of the project. Technoblade Butterfly has plenty of literal glowing features adorning her bright outfit, and VickyBunnyAngel knows she’ll have to find ways to embed programmable Arduino microcontrollers into plenty of pieces of the costume to manipulate the LEDs featured from head to toe.
If anything, it’ll make for a highly educational video for those looking to up their cosplay game. Keep an eye out on the Valor Series YouTube channel to catch each episode as it comes.
Cybercore Murad Enters The Pendant Shop

The gap between Cybercore skins just keeps getting shorter as Cybercore Murad enters the mobile Arena of Valor less than a month after Cybercore Wukong.
Officially titled Cybercore: Arrival, Murad’s flashy new skin isn’t going to come cheap for those without luck on their side. It’s a Pendant Shop exclusive, meaning those without a Pendant already will likely need to drop some serious cash to grab the necessary token needed to unlock this highly detailed skin.
To make matters worse, there’s a chance Cybercore: Arrival Murad will only be available this weekend. If you haven’t budgeted for a pricey new skin, you might just be out of luck. Get it?